Sourdough for Starters Class - June 22 - Afternoon edition

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sourdough boules.jpg

Sourdough for Starters Class - June 22 - Afternoon edition


Saturday, June 22nd

3 PM - 5 PM | Gulf Coast Sourdough Sandwich House | 5214 N. Nebraska Ave.

Join us in our NEW SPACE and learn the basics of making great sourdough the no-fuss, easy way! All experience levels welcome!

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Have you ever wanted to make sourdough bread? This is your chance! Learn from Brett Wiewiora, Co-Founder and Head Baker of Gulf Coast Sourdough & Wild Yeast Breads, about the basics of sourdough baking.

Through his no-fuss approach, Brett will demystify the sourdough baking process and show how to incorporate great bread into anyone’s weekly routine. All experience levels welcome -- the only requirements are that you love great bread and are ready to get your hands doughy.  

During this class, we’ll cover:

  • Maintaining sourdough starter

  • Mixing & kneading dough the no-fuss way

  • Integrating sourdough into your routine

  • Basic bread shaping

  • Best ways to bake at home

And at the end, we’ll all enjoy some delicious bread baked during the class!

Limited to 8 participants. Once purchased, seats are transferable but no refundable. We are not able to provide future credit for classes participants have purchased but are unable to attend. Any questions or concerns please email us at 

PLEASE NOTE: If you do not receive an email order confirmation shortly after reserving your spot, check your junk email folder. If it's not there, please email us at to ensure that your spot has been reserved. Thanks!