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Gulf Coast Sourdough is an artisan bakery making the most flavorful sandwich bread in America.

We combine old-fashioned techniques with modern tastes and sensibilities to produce loaves with flavor, texture, and character -- things decidedly absent from nearly all commercial baked goods.

Based in Tampa, a cradle of sandwich innovation, we craft unique, at times surprising flavors for loaves that will elevate America's sandwiches. After all, nearly 50% of Americans eat a sandwich every day -- we think it should be on good bread.

We use natural sourdough starter and unbleached, unbromated flours to make our products -- no artificial preservatives or instant yeast. From traditional tangy sourdough to cutting-edge flavor combinations like turmeric and black pepper to classic sweets like cinnamon swirl, our recipes pair well with dishes across the spectrum. 

We are leading a bread revolution, and we are actively collaborating with retail partners who share our mission.

Are you an innovator? Innovate with us.

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5214 N. Nebraska Ave
Tampa, FL 33603






Our Breads


You'll find pictures of our most common recipes below. We're always experimenting and adding new breads, so if you're looking for a loaf not pictured here, contact us!


Craft Sandwich Breads

You can't make a great sandwich without great bread. These not only add flavor and depth, they'll also stand up to the biggest, juiciest sandwiches you can create.

Crusty Table Breads

These rustic, hand=shaped loaves make delicious, beautiful additions to any dinner, soup, or salad.

Sweet Breads

Everything we make is leavened with our sourdough starter, including our sweet breads. This adds a tremendous depth of flavor to every bite.


holiday orders


Let us help make your holiday entertaining easy and delicious! Purchase one of our Holiday Entertaining Chocolate Babkas — 50% larger than our regular retail babkas — and be the hit of the party!

These frozen goodies are perfect for parties all December long. Just pull out of the freezer when you’re ready, wrap in tin foil, and bake in a 400 degree oven for approximately 60 minutes. Your house will smell like freshly baked chocolate babka and your friends and family will be HOOKED!

We’ll be holding a pop-up pick up on Thursday December 13th from 5-7 PM — place your orders now or you can pick up and pay onsite!




Interested in learning the art and science of sourdough baking? We offer classes at various venues throughout Tampa -- check out our upcoming classes below, and sign up to receive emails when new classes are posted!

Stay tuned for new classes in 2019!


Contact us


Have a question, comment, or interested in becoming a retail partner? Get in touch anytime!





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